Stunning Oregon Black Walnut wood bowl. The colors are amazing! Beautifully made with a silky smooth finish. Craftsmanship is A+++. I loved this bowl so much I just went out and purchased the other Black Walnut bowl available from this seller. Thank you!!

Oh my...what a beauty this bowl is, in every way I can say. Bowl design is striking, wood color amazing, grain is to die for and then quality craftsmanship on top of all that. I have no better words to describe this one!!!!

Well....AMAZING burl is all I can think of to describe this bowl. Incredible grain + quality craftsmanship = Beautiful! Thank you so much!

Such an unusual grain pattern in this Cocobolo bowl (which is why I bought it). I can't think what would have caused the tree to create these patterns. Whatever the cause, the result is beautiful. So unique! Thank you!

Another beauty! The knot really adds visual interest. Lovely wood colors with more curl and chatoyance in the wood. Beautiful!

Gorgeous burl pattern in this Maple bowl - what a beauty. I love the "burl windows." Really a statement piece as far as burls go. Thank you!

Love this cutting board! Its perfect for cutting cheeses and I also brought it to a party to display the cheese spread. The board shipped fast and is well made! Will order this as a gift for others in the future

The most beautiful bowl. The best customer service. Pete and his beautiful wood creations are amazing.