We are thrilled that you stopped by and hope that you enjoy our pieces. Our love for woodworking + eating delicious food + entertaining friends brought us to create PJP Woodworking!

We want you and your family to be part of the story. So, we invite you to start this journey by visiting us. See the timber slabs in their raw form; meet our family who will handcraft your furniture and see the landscape that inspires us. 

It's a special thing to bring something of yourself to the process.


We work hand in hand with our customers throughout the entire process so they are blown away when their piece is finished!


Have a wood project in mind? Reach out today and we will gladly provide an estimate within 48 hours.


We love that no two trees are alike. It allows us to to work with the wood to form it into a beautiful addition to your home.


We pride ourselves in taking the time to do things the right way! We accomplish this by focusing on the details so that your piece is exactly how you envision it.


We are passionate for the environment and so make a concerted effort to source sustainable wood as an alternative to using wood made from vulnerable rainforests


We pride ourselves in only using the highest quality of wood and tools so that we are able to exceed customer specifications


Every piece we make tells a story. In fact, it will become part of your story too. Each of our bespoke pieces brings your dreams and visions for beautiful, timeless pieces to life. This is what legacy is all about. It's what stays with us throughout the years and for generations to come.


Every piece we make is defined by its connection to the world around us. We only use timber from certified sources that has spent its life in forests and woodlands that are sustainably managed. We respect nature in all its forms and through initiatives such as our tree planting program, we're proud to play our part in preserving it.


We are excited to share our love of timber with all our customers. Every type has its own characteristics and individual character. When you commission us on a bespoke project, you're tapping into our knowledge of working with a wide range of timbers: American Elm, American Walnut and Oak. You can even see the 'slabs' of timber in their raw form - and we can explain the provenance too. Together we will choose something that's unique to you.

We hope that our pieces will brighten up your parties and home. Can't wait to make your dream wood piece a reality!


Oh my...what a beauty this bowl is, in every way I can say. Bowl design is striking, wood color amazing, grain is to die for and then quality craftsmanship on top of all that. I have no better words to describe this one!!!!


This beautiful spalted maple piece was exactly what I was looking for...not exactly a bowl, but the shape that I wanted...can be used for many things, from fruit, canapes, as a centerpiece....or lovely just
sitting out! Plus I wanted a Pacific NW artist, if possible, for this gift

so a big plus! Now I want one for myself...


Stunning Oregon Black Walnut wood bowl. The colors are amazing! Beautifully made with a silky smooth finish. Craftsmanship is A+++. I loved this bowl so much I just went out and purchased the other Black Walnut bowl available from this seller. Thank you!!


Well....AMAZING burl is all I can think of to describe this bowl. Incredible grain + quality craftsmanship = Beautiful! Thank you so much!

The most beautiful bowl. The best customer service. Pete and his beautiful wood creations are amazing.

Another beauty! The knot really adds visual interest. Lovely wood colors with more curl and chatoyance in the wood. Beautiful!


Drop us a line! We are always happy to learn more about your latest projects and ideas. If you are interested in something custom, please feel free to connect with us.